What You Want to Know about Oil Tanker Safety and Maintenance.

13 Jul.,2022

Whether the tanker is properly maintained and cared for directly affects the service life of the vehicle itself, and can even cause traffic accidents and threaten human lives.


Whether Road Mountain Bike is properly maintained and cared for directly affects the service life of the vehicle itself, and can even cause traffic accidents and threaten human lives.


How to prevent oil tanker truck explosion?☜


(1)Prevention of personal electrostatics.

Operators must wear anti-static overalls and anti-static shoes during loading and unloading, the purpose of which is to ground the human body. In addition, the shoes worn should be thin nylon socks or other conductive socks, it is strictly prohibited to paste insulating film on the bottom of anti-static shoes, and should be a regular check.


(2)Electrostatic grounding can not be ignored.


â—‡Oil should be connected before the grounding wire, and often check its integrity and grounding resistance is in line with anti-static standards.


â—‡The crane pipe must be extended to the bottom of the tank when loading oil, to eliminate the electrostatic accident caused by splashing.


â—‡After the end of oil loading, due to the flow of oil in the tank, resulting in the oil surface potential to remain for a few minutes, so do not immediately disconnect the grounding.


â—‡Please pay attention all the time during the oil loading. Operators in the electrostatic grounding at the same time, should also be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures and attention to the hidden dangers that may arise at any time, and at the same time to master the correct handling of various contingencies of emergency measures and rescue measures.


(3)You should also pay sufficient attention on the "conversion of oil" caused by the accident .

When you need to "convert oil", you must first remove the gasoline from the tank and operate strictly in accordance with the operating procedures.


(4)Use equipment that meets technical specifications and safety requirements.

The relevant equipment must be regularly inspected and calibrated, and relevant management system must be formulated, especially the material of oil dispensing equipment should not be taken lightly. Many users purchase a car in order to greed for a moment of cheap, do not know that a penny is worth a penny, poor quality equipment is easy to cause accidents, for tanker trucks such dangerous goods vehicles should pay more attention.


Tanker Truck Preventative Maintenance


How to maintain the tanker?


â—‡Pay attention to the inspection and replacement of each system oil body and filter.


â—‡Please promptly clean, replace and maintain vulnerable parts, such as batteries, belts, shock absorbers, brake pads, clutch plates, etc..


â—‡Do beauty treatment for the tanker body, such as car wash, paint care, interior care, etc..


â—‡The oil tank and pipeline should be cleaned every time, and at the same time check whether the pipeline connections are well sealed.


â—‡To ensure that you can easily disassemble the oil delivery hose every time, you can often apply some lubricant to both ends of the hose.


â—‡Each time the oil pipe is used, we should cover the import and export end cover and the two end covers of the hose in time to ensure that there will be no impurities into.


â—‡Pump inlet network should also be frequently cleaned to prevent oil slag blockage, affecting the quality of the oil body.


HOWO Tank Truck☜


HOWO Tank Truck


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