Basic maintenance of winter trailers

11 Feb.,2022

Winter is an "extraordinary" season for the car, so it is very important to keep the car safe through the winter, and necessary maintenance and maintenance


Winter is an "extraordinary" season for cars, so it is very important to keep your car safe for the winter with necessary maintenance and upkeep. Items such as detection of engines, tires, and lights are common, but detection and adjustment of heating, antifreeze, and braking systems are targeted. Grasping certain trailer maintenance knowledge is a basic skill for car owners to use a car. In ordinary days, we will find that with the extension of driving age, our understanding of trailer maintenance also deepens, and many large and small questions can be found in time, so as to quickly deal with.

    1. Knowledge of oil replacement

      How often should the oil be replaced? How much oil needs to be replaced each time? The replacement cycle and amount of oil are questions that we attach great importance to. The direct way is to check your own on-board maintenance manual, which usually has a very clear introduction. But there are also many people whose maintenance manuals have long disappeared. At this time, you need to know more about them. Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of oil is 5,000 kilometers, and the detailed replacement cycle and amount should be judged according to the relevant information of the model.

      Second, the use of antifreeze knowledge

      Antifreeze. It is best used all year round. In addition to the function of antifreeze and cooling, antifreeze also has the effects of cleaning, rust removal and anticorrosion, reducing the corrosion of the water tank and maintaining the engine. Note that the color of antifreeze should be selected accurately, and do not mix.

      Third, the use of brake fluid knowledge

      The function of the brake system is closely related to the brake fluid. When checking the replacement of brake pads, brake discs and other hardware, don't forget to check whether the brake fluid needs to be replaced.