The Design of A Magnetic Drill Press

28 Feb.,2022

A magnetic drill press is a portable drilling machine equipped with an electro magnet or permanent magnet base and is used for making holes in metal.


A magnetic drill press comprises of maily four parts, magnetic d´base, drill stand, motor and arbour.


Magnetic Base

The base of a magnetic drill press is equipped with a powerful electromagnet to easily clamp (adhere) the machine on the workpiece to be drilled. When energized this magnet gets strongly fixed on the workpiece locking the machine base to the metal workpiece which helps the operator to give a steady feed against the workpiece.


The electromagnet plays a very important role in a portable magnetic drill press, as it helps the machine to be steady, does not let the machine dismount during drilling, can work with the machine overhead, horizontal or vertical. Generally, a magnetic drill press is used on a ferrous material directly, but it can also be used on no ferrous material like stainless steel with the help of clamping devices.


Drill Stand

A drill stand is the main body of the magnetic drill press where the electric switches for motor and magnet are mounted, magnet indicator is mounted and also PCBs are mounted. The body of the magnetic drill press holds together the motor and the magnetic base. The feed handle is also attached to the body. The body of the magnetic drill press helps the motor slide on it to get an upward and downward feed. The body of the magnetic drill press also plays the role of a handle to lift and move the machine from one place to another. The material used for the body is generally cast iron.


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Magnetic Drill Machine


The motor is the main component of a magnetic drill press. It is a DC motor. The output power of the motor ranges from 800 watts to 2300 watts depending upon the power required for drilling. A larger diameter hole will require a more powerful motor. The motor used for drilling and tapping machines will also have a clock and anti-clockwise rotation option. Generally, the electronics for speed and torque control are located on the motor itself.



An arbor also called as tool holder or chuck on a magnetic drill press is attached to the motor. It is a type of clamp used to attach the core drills. There are mainly two types of chuck available for the magnetic drill press, industrial arbor (manual tightening) and quick change drill chucks. The quick-change drill chucks are easy and fast option to attach the core drills. They do not need to tighten the screws/jaws manually. The arbor or chucks have different types of spindle holder (machine taper) like Morse taper MT 2, MT 3, and MT 4. The chuck allows different types of core drill shafts (shanks) to fit in it.


Types of Magnetic Drill Presses:

Electric magnetic drill presses which are best in most job site situations where electricity is readily available and the work environment is relatively dry.

Pneumatic magnetic drill presses where a compressor can be accessed and the job site may be wet or in a hazardous environment.

Hydraulic magnetic drill presses which are mainly used for for industrial, construction, and marine drilling applications.


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