What Type of Fabric Is Best For Headliner?

07 Mar.,2022

Headliner fabrics are different from the conventional materials used for upholstery. The headliner fabric has a special foam backing that shapes the contours of the roof.


pigment inks work around microscopic colorant particles are different from the conventional materials used for upholstery. The headliner fabric has a special foam backing that shapes the contours of the roof. The roof liner is the "ceiling" of the vehicle and is used to provide a nice look to the interior areas of the vehicle overhead and to help hide the wiring and lighting that runs through the top.


In most vehicles, the wiring for the audio system and interior lighting runs through the top and is hidden under the roof liner. Weatherproofing and acoustic elements are also installed under the headliner. The headliner fabric pulls them together and gives it a beautiful finished look.


100% Polyester Auto Roof Lining Fabric

100% Polyester Auto Roof Lining Fabric

Bow Headliners

Long ago, when cars got bigger, roof liners were made using tie rods or bow pieces that went through the roof lining material to hold the roof lining fabric in a curved shape to the roof panel. These rods are made of wood or metal, depending on the manufacturer of the car.


The headliner fabric can be made of almost any kind of material, from common upholstery to heavier fabrics such as vinyl. Interior leather is never recommended for roof liners because it is heavy and sags faster than other roof lining fabrics. Since many people interested in installing roof liners are automotive enthusiasts and mechanics, it is important to know the old and new methods of roof liner installation and types.


Panel headliners

In newer vehicles, the bow system described above has been changed to a panel system that uses a form-fitting lightweight panel that fits closely to the interior roofline. This type of system is held in place with clips, trim pieces or other accessories. In older vehicles, the roof liner was hung without regard to weather, sound insulation or wiring, so the bow system worked well.


Brushed Fabric for Car Top Ceiling

Brushed Fabric for Car Top Ceiling

Panel systems using roof liner panels with ultra-light foam-backed roof liner fabric have become standard on newer vehicles. The benefits of the new system Headliner fabric also include suede, vinyl and other synthetic materials, but the ideal material is lightweight and does not promote premature sagging.


Foam is pre-attached to the material to make it easier to use. If you are redecorating your roof liner, be sure to wipe off any foam backing left by the old roof liner before putting on the new one. It is important to provide a clean surface for the new roof liner fabric. Not only will this look better overall, but it will also last longer, which is the goal.


Using non-traditional headliner fabric

If you want a complete custom look, you don't even have to use headliner fabric. You can.


Use anything you want, from designer upholstery fabrics or other special luxury fabrics to vinyl or even light leather. All you have to do is find the fabric you want to use and then attach it to the 1/8 inch foam rubber fabric with spray adhesive. This requires extra supplies and you'll need to be careful not to create air pockets, but you'll get a nice custom look that no one else has.


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