Do you know which color is the most sunscreen in summer?

29 Mar.,2021

As a wholesaler of polyester cotton fabrics, I would like to share with you the color selection of summer clothes


Summer sun protection is the key point. An ordinary T-shirt is better than any sunscreen. So in summer, which color is the most sunscreen in the choice of clothing color? Let me introduce you to the wholesale of linen polyester fabrics.

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First, let’s understand the sunlight. Sunlight is divided into visible and invisible. Visible light refers to the light that is visible to our naked eyes, and invisible light refers to the light that is invisible to the naked eye, such as ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays are more harmful to the human body.

In summer, many people will choose light-colored clothes, made of polyester linen fabric. Although light-colored clothes are refreshing, long-term exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays may cause skin diseases. Although the light color can cool off the heat, it loses the function of isolating ultraviolet rays. For example, human hair is black, and the scalp is the whitest skin. Why? Because dark and thick hair blocks a lot of ultraviolet radiation, dark clothes are the most UV-resistant.

The red light wave is the longest in summer, and red can absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, so wearing red clothes in summer can block ultraviolet rays and prevent the skin from being sunburned. The long-term exposure of light-colored clothes to the ultraviolet rays of the sun may cause skin diseases. Especially the brightly white cotton clothes may contain fluorescent whitening agent, which will reflect harmful light to the bare face. In contrast, dark clothing such as red or navy blue is much safer.

The worst sun protection effect is light yellow cotton fabrics, with a sun protection factor of only 7, but the sun protection effect drops to 4 after sweating. Therefore, it is recommended that people choose dark-colored clothes and polyester cotton knitted fabrics in summer when the ultraviolet radiation is strong.