09 Jan.,2023


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Animal Robots

Zoos and marine parks are great places to learn about and get an up-close experience with lots of different animals. They can also help to protect endangered animals, which are animals that are at risk of extinction. However, they are also keeping these animals locked up to use for entertainment. And the spaces they are kept in are very small compared to their natural habitats in the wild. 

A group of animators from a company called Edge Innovations are  starting to explore what zoos and water parks could look like without real animals. They are hoping to find a better alternative to the current form of live entertainment that requires wild animals to be captured. 

This idea started on movie sets, where they would create robotic animals for special effects. Their first aquatic robot was a dolphin named Dell,  built over 20 years ago. They used Dell to run experiments in marine parks and aquarium tanks.

From these experiments they learned that the fish thought Dell was an actual dolphin. And the audience did too! From there, Edge Innovations started to create more robots that mimicked different marine animals. Their hope is to replace the animals in captivity with these realistic robots!  

What kind of animal robot would you design? Show us your ideas in the design section!