C Section Closure Plastic Surgery Houston, TX

12 Oct.,2022


Plastic Dispensing Closure with Valve

Why Choose A Plastic Surgery C Section Closure?

Obstetricians are experts in safely delivering your baby and are well-qualified to perform sutures after your C section delivery. However, it’s difficult for some obstetricians to match the cosmetic results of a plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgeons are experts in ensuring that surgical scars are as small and subtle as possible. Our surgeons will help ensure that your incision is stitched in a way that promotes both optimal healing and improved cosmetic appearance. Working with a TOPS Houston plastic surgeon for your closure could help you avoid unsightly scars and the dreaded C section “shelf,” a small pooch of skin and fat that often protrudes over C section scars.

If this isn’t your first C section, a closure from a TOPS Houston surgeon can still help improve the appearance of your C section scar. In fact, many women who previously had large, jagged scars from previous C sections end up with a straight, subtle scar after a closure from our surgeons.