What factors can cause damage to the gabion wire mesh box

29 Sep.,2022


The gabion wire mesh box can permanently protect the riverbed and river bank, effectively preventing the water from scouring the river bank and causing it to be damaged, but the gabion mesh will be damaged if it is used for a long time. Let me tell you what factors can cause the gabion mesh to be damaged. 

Factors that cause damage to the gabion wire mesh box

1. The stone filled inside the gabion mesh is washed away or the gabion mesh is jammed or torn by the filled stone, causing the filled stone to be washed away and damaged.

2. The gabion meshs slide in pieces or partly with the slope protection.

3. A certain gabion mesh lacks stone filling, causing its own or adjacent gabion mesh to be unstable.

4. A single gabion wire mesh box may be washed away and dislocated by water.

5. Partial subsidence of the inverse filter layer of the gabion mesh makes the gabion mesh on it dislocation and instability.

6. A certain part of the gabion mesh is deformed, causing the gap of the gabion mesh to increase, and the cushion is damaged, causing the gabion mesh to be dislocated and instability.

7. The gabion mesh was hit by drifting objects and hung away.

8. The construction quality of the gabion mesh is not good and the structure and scale are improper. After the obvious bending occurs, it is pushed out by the adjacent gabion mesh and becomes unstable.

The above are the factors that can cause the gabion wire mesh box to be damaged. I hope the explanation in this article will be helpful to everyone. For more relevant knowledge, you can follow our website.