13 Apr.,2023


What we could do in Henan’s record rainstorm

Jul 26 , 2021

Quite a lot citys in Henan provice has been lashed by record rainstorms, causing severe waterlogging, traffic disruptions, and power outages. This rainstorm is rare in Henan history, not only keeping for a long time, but also with a wide range. From July.17th to July 21th, the average precipitation in Henan 144.7mm. Zhengzhou as the capital of Henan provide, average precipitation 458.2mm, especially Xinmi area, max precipitation 918.9mm Changge city lies to the south of Zhengzhou, at this time, this city not only under heavy rain, but also have a tast to share the pressure of Zhengzhou, to protect most people from bloods. Our company, Henan Yongyong power, as a local company in Changge, providing a truck supplies gift to the affected village, giving a helping hand to our compatriots, wishing they could pull through this hard time.

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