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13 Apr.,2023


October 26, 2022

The advantages of using laminate stator core

Laminations are the steel portions of the stator and rotor consisting of thin lamination sheets stacked together. These laminations can be stacked "loose", welded, or bonded together depending on your application. Laminations sheets are used instead of a solid pice to reduce eddy current losses and Cools the Stator Core. Reduces Eddy Current

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October 15, 2022

What is the function of a stator?

If gone for the configuration of any electrical machine , the stator acts like a field to the machine and also it create motion with the armature winding. And most of all it is the stationary parts of the Machine. It is the stationary part of a rotary system, found in electric generators, electric motors, sirens, or biological rotors. The main use of it is to keep the field align

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September 30, 2022

The structure of high voltage motor and the role of stator and rotor

The high-voltage motor is mainly composed of two parts: the fixed part is called the stator, and the rotating part is called the rotor. Another end cover, fan, cover, motor frame, junction box and so on. The role of the stator is to generate a magnetic field and act as a mechanical support for the high-voltage motor. The stator of the motor consists of three parts: the stator iron core, the stator winding and the frame. The stator winding is embedded in the stator iron core, and the electric energy is converted by the

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September 13, 2022

When should you seek stator core repair or reassembly?

When should you seek repair or restack? As time passes, the stator core`s performance will slowly deteriorate. Once you spot signs such as oilcontamination or loose bars and wedges in your equipment such as generator-you should get a professionalengineer to do generator overhauling-either doing a repair or restacking the stator core`s lamination.Moreover, doing a repair does not only solve any existing issues with the stator

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August 30, 2022

Why is the stator core laminated?

Why is the stator core laminated? In a case scenario where the stator core is made from solely one solid piece of material-the associated heatproduced and currents will amount to a large sum-resulting in a melted stator core. As such, there is a need to laminate the stator core and insulate each laver.Reason being that the circulatingcurrents will be brought down to a size that i

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August 20, 2022

Yongrong will attend CWIEME Shanghai 2022 on 27-29 September 2022, at 1M25

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in China, 2022 CWIEME Shanghai has been postponed to 27-29 September 2022. Holding CWIEME Shanghai at the end of September in Hangzhou is a great opportunity for people to come together to learn, trade and network and to look positively to the future of electrical engineering. More than 600 exhibitors present themselves at the C

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June 06, 2022

How does a standard core lamination go about?

A typical stator core is made up of countless individual steellaminations-from thousands up to even hundreds of thousands. As of now, laminations are created by computer-controlled laser cutting machines or stamping/punching dies The process of building a stator core goes like this:laminations are continuously placed side-by-side with the objective to attain a ringed or complete circular layer. As such the following layer will continue being laid out - offsetting each laver like a cinder block wall or brick until the desired length and laver is achieved. Ge

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May 18, 2021

Review of Cwieme Shanghai 2021

CWIEME SHANGHAI is Asia-Pacific`s professional event dedicated to Coil Winding, Electric Motor and Transformer Manufacturing Exhibition. Yongrong Power as the leading manufacturer of motor lamination, we exhibited our best quality to visitors and received many of their cooperation intention. We will keep to focus on our products and service and delivery our value to our customers.

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