Turnigy Thrust Stand

29 Jun.,2022

Turnigy Thrust Stand


Coaxial Thrust Stand

theantnest | Verified Buyer

Customer Rated

This is a good product for the price, but there are just a few little things stopping this from being a great product.

The first being that one of the hex screws which needs to be removed in order to install the batteries is positioned so that it's almost impossible to get at with a hex wrench or screwdriver. The standoffs for the test assembly are totally in the way, and I'm sure somebody could design this MUCH better with just a little thought.

The second is: Why not add a micro USB power input? This is a bench tool, and it totally makes sense to have it permanently plugged in to power. Any common phone charger could easily power it for the cost of a voltage regulator and a micro USB port.

My particular unit doesn't zero easily, and there seems to be about /- 8g of error factor when zeroed. Otherwise, this is a handy bit of kit for the right price.