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05 Aug.,2022


pvc coatd iron wire

Steel wire rope can be purchased in various forms as far as, for instance, type of wire, thickness of wire, number of strands, coated or un-coated etc. As far as coating is concerned there are different types with PVC coated wire rope being one of the most popular types currently available on the market. It is extremely cost effective and resistant to the weather coping with temperatures ranging from -35 degrees centigrade to + 950 degrees centigrade.

There are even different hardness’s of PVC coating to cater for different uses. There are a number of benefits of having coated wire rope such as the wire rope is much more resistant to suffering from any form of wear and tear and to becoming corroded. Of course, the PVC coating will provide galvanised wire rope and stainless steel wire rope with a soft shield that protects the wire. PVC coated wire rope comes in a variety of colours as a result of which it can be used for a variety of different things as a colour can be chosen to blend in with the surrounding area.



The most popular colours are clear, black and white although it has to be said that a neutral colour will blend better with most backgrounds. PVC coated wire rope can be used for so many different things but is particularly beneficial for applications involving the protection of people or animals from being injured or to protect goods. So, you would often find PVC coated wire rope being used in places like farming, zoos and public stadiums.

The types of industries that you will regularly see PVC coated wire rope is in such things as gyms and health clubs where you will often see them on gym equipment, on lanyard restraint cables on building sites and other locations requiring safety restraints, in the transport industry where they are used on straps and slings when removing goods from the vehicles, in theatres where they are used to raise or drop some of the props and support lighting in the theatre and they are regularly used in the events industry on stages and in marquees.

From a safety point of view, should you attach certain fittings to PVC coated wire rope, you should carefully cut away the PVC coating prior to attaching the fittings. In doing so you will prevent any slipping and the joint’s strength will be maximised. We have many different Strands and Colours of PVC Wire Rope so have a good look around now.