Yes, We Make Custom Boxes For Outdoor Spaces

18 Jan.,2023


Custom Wood Products

custom wood crate

Whether you’re looking for an elegant storage spot for your home deliveries, furniture cushions, grill pellets, dog treats, bug spray, sunscreen, pool noodles, blankets, fly swatters, sports equipment, fish food, life jackets, (you gettin’ the picture?) … we’ve got a box for you!

Some of our best phone calls with our customers are when tell us what they need to store in their box or how they want to customize their Porch Box and our response to them is, “We can do that!”

For the past several years, we’ve heard from homeowners looking for a better alternative to that plastic resin or metal storage boxes found at most ‘big box’ retailers that fell apart after a short time. “I’m so glad I found you, because I’ve been looking for something like your box for quite a while” brings a smile to our faces. They also tell us, that this time around, they’ve decided to ‘buy for quality.”

Here at Porch Box, we pride ourselves on handcrafting wooden boxes that are not only built to endure the outdoor elements, but provide a custom storage solution that is beautiful, securable and and can add that perfect finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Take a look through our gallery and you’ll see a wide variety of Porch Boxes. Standard and custom sizes, colors and utilitarian uses.

Let us build a custom box for you. Request a quote!