Osborne Wood Products Blog-Mix & Match Parts for a Custom Kitchen

17 Jan.,2023


Custom Wood Products

custom wood crate

1. Wine Rack Cabinetry Lattice (Part #73005)

Our wine cabinetry lattice is a great solution to adding wine storage in your kitchen. Incorporated it into cabinets or kitchen islands with ease. The unfinished wooden lattice can be given a custom finish so that it blends in effortlessly to the rest of your design. This lattice fit in perfectly in the mini bar area of this kitchen.

3. Transitional Dentil Moulding (Part #891665)

This dentil moulding is extremely versatile and can be used throughout your space to add sophisticated dimension without taking away from the rest of your design. A cohesive look was created by using this moulding twice in the custom fireplace design and underneath the kitchen island top.

5. Large Modified Contemporary Corbel (Part #891330) 

This contemporary piece boasts an attractive curved front and subtle outlined edge that allows it to be the perfect complement to almost any style. It is offered in several wood species allowing it to be stained or painted according to your specific design. It looks stunning with a sleek black finish adorning the corners of the fireplace in this build.

7. Custom Pilaster (Modified version of the Fluted Pilaster, Part #3501)

Pilasters are wonderful accent tools that will add texture and dimension to your space. The fluted design works well with a large variety of styles, and it was the perfect choice for this fireplace design which featured fluted moulding. We offer pilasters with corbels already attached as well as a design that will allow you to pick the corbel of your choice to attach to the top. This fluted pilaster was used in a similar way, except the corbel was put above the pilaster rather than attached to it.

9. Vintage Cast Iron Caster 3″ Wheel (Part #4911)

We have several casters available in our collection so that you can find the one most suitable to your project. Casters are functional and stylish tools that will allow your project to be portable. When used in a kitchen, casters are often put on the bottom of islands so that they can be moved around the area with ease.