How To Remove A Drawer With A Fully Extended Slide?

28 Feb.,2022

We'll bet you open and close drawers in your home a hundred times a day without even thinking about how far they'll pull out.


We'll bet you open and close drawers in your home a hundred times a day without even thinking about how far they'll pull out. That is, until you find yourself looking in the back of the drawer for that tape measure you just learned is out there somewhere. Did you know that the mechanism that allows drawers to slide in and out is actually called a Solar Panel Cleaning Tool? Did you also know that complete extension slides can even allow you to reach the very back of a drawer?


When you buy a cabinet, dresser or desk, what's the first thing you do? You pull out the drawers. Quality drawer slides will glide quietly and smoothly, giving the impression of high quality. But beyond the way they feel (heavy duty, soft close, etc.), have you considered how far the drawers actually pull out?


You can choose from a selection of drawer slides with different extension lengths. Some just slide out of the cabinet partially, while others will slide out completely. There are many different types of drawer slides to choose from. However, if you are looking for easy access to the entire length of your drawers, then full extension drawer slides may be just what you are looking for.

Slim Tandem - Ubox Drawer Slide - BL Slim Inner Drawer Tandem Box

Slim Tandem - Ubox Drawer Slide - BL Slim Inner Drawer Tandem Box

What are full extension drawer slides?

Full extension metal drawer slides drawer slides allow a drawer to slide in and out of the cabinet it is in. They are usually placed on either side of the drawer, but can also be located at the top or bottom. It all depends on the desired design. Drawer slides come in three different configurations, 3/4 extension, full extension and an extension called overtravel. The 3/4 extension slide is considered to be the most economical. They are good if you don't need full access to the drawer. Full extension drawer slides are usually the most desirable. This type of extension slide allows full access to the drawer while tucking it into the cabinet, resulting in a nice, clean, complete look.


How to remove a drawer with a fully extended slide?

No one removes a drawer from a cabinet just for the fun of it. Things either get stuck behind it or the drawer itself comes off the track. Removing a drawer with a full extension slide can be tricky. Especially because you may already be frustrated with having to do so. But if you know the ropes, removing a drawer with a full extension slide is actually quite simple.


Although you may not want to do it, it is best to empty the drawer before trying to take it out. The lighter the weight in the drawer, the easier it will be to handle.

Once the drawer is emptied, pull it completely out of the cabinet.Look at the sides of the drawer. Check the rails that slide the extensions into and out of the cabinet. You should see a lever or push tab on each side of the drawer slides.


Activate the lever and gently pull the drawer. Note that one of the levers may push down while the other side requires you to pull up. Use both levers to simultaneously release the drawer slides and allow you to remove the drawer from the cabinet.

When you are ready to put the drawer back in place, push the extended rail back into the cabinet. Align the notches or slots in the rails on the drawer with the slides attached to the cabinet. As you slide the drawer into place, you will hear a click as it fits into the telescoping portion of the drawer slide. You should now be able to push the drawer back into place completely.


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