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30 Jan.,2023


Eye Bolt

Eyebolt Installation

The safety eyebolt provides a fixed anchoring point, which can be either external or internal on a building or structure. This will enable workers to attach a lanyard and safety harness to protect themselves in the event of an accidental slip or fall. These are often utilised for window cleaning and can also be used to carry out minor building repairs, maintenance and inspections. High level Specialists can undertake any Eyebolt Installation

The use of eyebolts is an extremely popular method of fall protection whilst working at height. They can be sited in brick, masonry, concrete, and steel, wood or through a cavity wall. They can be utilised as restraint, work positioning or fall arrest. However they must only be used for the purpose they were installed. All HLS’s eyebolts have a warning disc attached informing the end user of what they are only to be used for. These will be either restraint, work positioning or fall arrest.

HLS provide installation of eyebolts, testing and certification (both reactive and proactive) services throughout the UK; including locations such as London, Manchester and Brighton.


Work Positioning / Rope Access Eyebolts

Work positioning or rope access as it is often referred to is a method of accessing a building or structure by means of a rope system. The important point with work positioning is the user must have a back-up at all time while suspended. This applies also to the eyebolts. There should never be a time where a person is suspended from a single eyebolt.

As specialist rope access contractors we have a huge amount of experience in the placement and positioning of eyebolts. The eyebolts are always placed in pairs for use by one person, however in the event of rescue it would be possible to have 2 persons suspended from the eyebolts.

When combined the eyebolts must be able to take a load of 15Kn (1500Kg). Once installed the anchor will have a calibrated test rig set up on it and the anchors tested to the relevant force.

As the eyebolts are going to be used to suspend a load (a person is classed as a load) they are tested and inspected under the Lifting operations & Lifting equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998. The eyebolts must be inspected and tested on a 6 monthly basis by a competent person.

Fall Arrest Eyebolts

Fall arrest as the name suggests is a protection system in which a person falls and their fall is arrested by the equipment they are wearing and attached to.

The position of fall arrest eyebolts is extremely important. As it is possible for the person to fall, great care must be taken to avoid the person falling further than necessary or colliding with something whilst falling.
All the eyebolts we install conform to EN 795. All Fall arrest eyebolts we install are tested in accordance with BS 7883:2005 The Code of Practice for the design, selection, installation, use and maintenance of anchor devices conforming to BS EN 795.

Each fixed eyebolt will be tested to 6Kn, once the test and subsequent inspection has been carried out certification will be issued for 12 months.

Re-certification: BS 7883:2005 – at least once every 12 months the anchor device should be examined in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, by a competent person authorised by the manufacturer. If used for work positioning or rope access they should be inspected every six months.

HLS are leading installers of safety eyebolts. We also carry out testing and re-certification and have a team of experienced and qualified technicians.

All our technicians are trained to give expert advice on the fitting, location and testing of safety eyebolts.

BS 8437:2005 Code of practice for selection, use and maintenance of personal fall protection systems and equipment for use in the workplace, states that the anchorage should be able to withstand twice the mass it is ever likely to be subjected to. Once installed the anchor will have a calibrated test rig set up on it and the anchor tested to the relevant force.

Eyebolts can be fitted for either work restraint, fall arrest or rope access.

Our eyebolts are manufactured from either high tensile carbon steel with galvanised or plastic-coated finish or bright polished 316 grade stainless steel.

All our installers are independently trained and certified in the installation, inspection and testing of eyebolts.

The positioning of any eyebolt is extremely important. As a company who also carry out work at height we have a very good understanding of the positioning of the eyebolts to ensure the safest / most practical placement. It is sometimes necessary to install more than one eyebolt at a site. This enables movement if the work area is large. The use of twin lanyards is sometimes required to ensure constant connection.

When installed a knurled threaded sleeve is secured into the structure with a two-part resin system. Once cured an eyebolt is screwed into the insert to the required torque setting. The anchor is then tested as above to 6kN and 7.5kN respectively. The eyebolts should have a visual inspection by the user every time they are to be used and be re-tested annually.

All the eyebolts we use conform to BS EN 795 and are installed and tested in accordance with BS 7883:2005 The Code of Practice for the design, selection, installation, use and maintenance of anchor devices conforming to BS EN 795.

All eyebolts are fitted with a PPE warning disk and can be installed into brickwork, concrete or steelwork. They conform to Class A1 EN795 and BS7883.

Periodic examinations are required at intervals of no more than 12 months for fall arrest and 6 months
if used for rope access. Each eyebolt will be tested to 6kN for fall arrest and 7.5kN for rope access and a test certificate will be issued.

Temporary Safety Systems

Temporary safety systems are systems we install for your use for short duration works. Normally the system is a series of lines allowing permanent attachment whilst working at height.

We have recently installed systems to protect third party workers whilst carrying out work throughout the UK:

  • In roof voids
  • On external roof repairs
  • Gutter clearance
  • Soffit painting
  • Timber treatment
  • Plumbing works
  • Electrical works
  • Installing insulation
  • Safety netting installation

HLS will provide training in the use of the system and rescue after a fall.

Why Choose High Level Specialists?

  • High Level Specialists use only the highest qualified and most experienced eyebolt installation technicians.
  • Accurate reports, risk assessments and action / development plans are provided; these are tailored to each specific client and premises.
  • Eyebolts can be installed in numerous areas of your premises for fall arresst and rope access purposes; we can provide advice and guidance reagrding the correct installation positioning and procedures.
  • We own and provide the vast majority of the equipment required; this ensures that all equipment is readily available, in excellent working condition, conforms to all relevant BS EN standards and provides our client with a more economical installation option.
  • We can arrange periodic inspections and surveys contractually ensuring that our clients are safe in the knowledge that their eyebolts maintain their safety and integrity.
  • High level Specialists can provide rope access services for your premises once installation is complete. Services could include window cleaning, external cleaning or external maintenance on your premises.
  • High Level Specialists are accredited with Safe Contractor, CHAS and Construction Line; as well as all rope access technicians being fully IRATA certified ensures that we employ safe systems of work on all projects.
  • High Level Specialists are fully insured, £10,000,000 employers liability, £5,000,000 public liability and possess specific insurance for work within high risk confined spaces.

HLS provide installation of eyebolts, testing and certification (both reactive and proactive) services throughout the UK; including locations such as London, Manchester and Brighton.

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