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26 May.,2023


Old windows don’t look their best. As with all things, time will do a real number on them. If you live in an old house and your windows are looking worse for wear, it’s time to do something about it. Aluplex is here to help. As Toronto’s #1 glass manufacturer, we know just what to do to clean up aging windows.

Wash Them

The first step to getting your windows back up to snuff is washing them. Soap and water will work wonders on an old window, but you may need more. For particularly old windows with a lot of grime on them, using special cleaners is a good idea. Something intended to cut through tough grime will get off layers of years-old sediment. 

However, if you also have molding issues, you might want to use vinegar as well. Just be sure you don’t mix cleaners. Things that are completely harmless by themselves can create deadly gasses when combined. So, be sure to wash with plain water between different cleaners if you’re not sure how they interact. Or, go straight for a cleaner with a vinegar base. Vinegar is great at killing off mold and is safe for animals and children to be around.

You may want to use a straight-edge tool like a putty knife to scrape out any grime along the edge of the glass panes.

Patch Cracks

Windows with cracks should always be patched or replaced ASAP, depending on the severity of the damage. Modern windows with dual panes are filled with an insulating gas. This keeps your home’s temperature from fluctuating as much with the weather. Additionally, it prevents noise from traveling as freely from inside or outside of the house. When your window cracks, it makes space for that insulation to escape, hurting the integrity of the window.

Patching window cracks is a bit tedious, but not difficult. You can do so with epoxy and an adhesive film. These are easiest to attain in a glass patching kit, which can be found at most hardware stores.

Mend the Window Frame

Lastly, you’ll want to mend the window frame and sill. You’d be surprised how much of a window’s appearance comes from its surroundings. Get yourself some putty and fill in any cracks in the sill, wiping any excess of so that it’s smooth. Do the same for any cracks in the wall surrounding the window. Any notable gaps between the window case and frame should be tightened up with wooden shims. These can be cut down and then covered with putty to hide them. Finally, use some caulking to trace the perimeter of the window case and close any seam between it and the frame. All of this sealing will both improve the appearance of the window and make it harder for any bugs or air to get past.

Replace Aging Windows

If you’ve got room for window replacements in your budget, replacing aging windows is definitely the best option. Windows that have reached an age where their appearance is suffering are typically not doing so great in other respects either. If you’re in the market for reliable window replacements, come to Aluplex. We offer a wide selection of quality windows that can improve your home’s appearance and function in one go.

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