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26 May.,2023


“ A Space Frame is a structural system, assembled of linear elements so arranged that the loads are transferred in a three-dimensional manner. In some cases, the constituent elements may be two-dimensional. Macroscopically, a space frame often takes the form of a flat or curved surface,” as defined in the book Analysis, design and construction of steel space frames. (

Space frames composed of either aluminum or steel; components of space frames are preferred to be in the shape of circular hollow sections or rectangular hollow sections, and connecter that joints the axial members (aluminum or steel) together. Circular and rectangular hollow sections are used when loads are applied only at nodes because they have more efficiency in compression. On the other hand, other sections as I-sections and H-sections are used when loads transferred between nodes produce bending in addition to axial forces. Nevertheless, circular hollow sections are the most efficient as their moment of inertia is evenly distributed in all directions (Ramaswamy, 2002). (

Space frames promote lightweight and have high-tension force which allow space frames to hold under heavy pressure. Also, space frames are easy to construct that the supervision of an expert is not needed in order to assemble the space frame. In addition, space frame system can be found in stadiums, airports as London Stansted Airport, and many more other buildings and constructions.

One of space frames application is building shelters for military and providing shelters in crisis. One company that uses space frames system to assemble shelter is Universal Space Frames (USF); USF uses the space structure because of its advantageous features so that they help in providing more reliable shelters for those who are in need for them. ( Even more, Audi uses space frames system in assembling their cars because it reduce fuel consumption and improves efficiency for the fact space frames system significantly reduces the weight of the vehicle. (

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