SPC VS WPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring

26 Mar.,2021

When searching for the perfect vinyl floor, you may come across the terms SPC and WPC. Want to understand and compare the difference between SPC and WPC vinyl? You have come to the right place.


SPC VS WPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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When searching for the perfect vinyl floor, you may come across the terms SPC and WPC. Want to understand and compare the difference between SPC and WPC vinyl? You have come to the right place.

Both options are known for being 100% waterproof. SPC is a newer product with a signature rigid core that is almost indestructible. Wood plastic flooring has always been the gold standard for vinyl flooring and has a waterproof core, comfort and functionality.

What is SPC?

Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, also known as SPC flooring, is the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring option on the market. It has a structure similar to WPC, but it has a super hard core, which is the origin of the name "hard core".

So what does SPC stand for? It turns out that it represents several terms used interchangeably: stone-plastic composite or stone-polymer composite. It refers to the composition of the core. The core of SPC is what makes this floor so incredibly durable, maintaining its form even on uneven ground.

This means you can install SPC hard core luxury vinyl flooring at any level, surpassing almost any existing (hard surface) substratum and any amount of traffic.

The general opinion is that thick vinyl floors are better. But for hard core vinyl, the thickness of your vinyl really doesn't matter.

Now, floor manufacturers have created an ultra-thin, ultra-durable option. Hardcore luxury vinyl panels and tiles are specially manufactured ultra-thin, usually measuring no more than 6 mm in thickness.

Looking at the floor, you might think it is too thin or too thin to support anything, but try to bend it. It's hard to make it move.

So what makes this thin wood board so powerful? This is a layered structure. SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring usually consists of four layers, but this can vary between manufacturers.

Let's see what you can expect from the SPC layer:

Support layer: This is the solid foundation of the support board. Usually, the backing is pre-attached with interlining cloth.

SPC core: The SPC floor contains a solid, waterproof core that will not ripple or swell, no matter how much liquid you are affected by it. This core is ultra-high density, unlike the foaming agent you find in traditional wood-plastic flooring. It makes the soles of your feet slightly less soft, but it makes the floor more durable.

Printed vinyl layer: This layer has a surreal photo image that makes the vinyl look a lot like stone and wood.

Wear-resistant layer: The wear-resistant layer is like the bodyguard of the board; it protects your floor from wear. In the case of layering, thicker still means better. SPC flooring usually has a heavy-duty protection option with a thick wear layer.

Pros of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring

Waterproof: This is what makes rigid core and WPC vinyl so popular. It is very suitable for business owners, pets and areas prone to water.

Suitable for uneven floors: The rigid core is designed to be installed on any existing hard surface, including ceramic tiles, even if it is not perfect or completely level.

Ultra durable: The SPC core makes this vinyl floor the most durable vinyl floor option.

Realistic wood and stone appearance: High-end vinyl flooring imitates natural materials better than ever. SPC vinyl is the best, so the visual effects are usually incredibly convincing and beautiful.

Low maintenance: Keeping your floor looking bright is actually very simple. Use a vacuum cleaner and a mop occasionally, and you'll be fine.

Easy to install: Rigid core luxury vinyl tiles and planks are easy to install themselves with most options to interlock and float on your existing surface.

Cons of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring

More uncomfortable than WPS: manufacturers design rigid core vinyl to be strong and uncomfortable. This is why it is so popular in the business environment.

Colder than WPC: The stone composite core cannot hold a lot of heat, so when it's cold outside, you will have some cold floors.

What is the difference between SPC and WPC?

So what is the difference between SPC rigid core and WPC waterproof vinyl? The answer lies in their different core.

Waterproof core material is the highlight of WPC flooring and rigid core material flooring. The WPS core material is made of wood-plastic composite material. The core contains added foaming agent to increase elasticity and comfort.

At the same time, the SPC core is made of stone-plastic composite material. The stone is harder, stronger, and less elastic. SPC does not add foaming agent, giving it a stronger and stronger core.

Because SPC is so durable, does not bend, and is actually indestructible, it is often used in high-traffic commercial spaces. The hard core also makes it difficult to dent, which is always an advantage in areas with a lot of heavy furniture or traffic.

If you want to compare these different choices of different types of carpets, WPC flooring is like a luxurious, luxurious home carpet, while SPC rigid core is more like a commercial carpet. One is more comfortable, the other is more durable, and they both do well.