Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring

31 Mar.,2021

Vinyl Flooring is durable, non-slip, and installs faster than its predecessors. It covers a range of products, including panels, tiles and wood panels made of flexible PVC.


LVL is like plywood on a diet is durable, non-slip, and installs faster than its predecessors. It covers a range of products, including panels, tiles and wood panels made of flexible PVC. Hard ceramic tiles that combine vinyl and limestone; and soft sheets woven from vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is still evolving, and the patterns and textures either look like old natural flooring or are boldly moving in a modern direction. These floors are also certified to meet strict indoor air quality standards. In addition to patterns and designs, vinyl flooring has many other content, so Vinyl Flooring Suppliers share with you

How to clean vinyl floors

Vinyl flooring is easy to clean. Wiping or vacuuming can keep them clean every day. Use a vacuum cleaner to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt and make maintenance easier. Wiping them with a damp mop or a cloth dampened with warm water and a neutral detergent will help remove dirt and keep the floor in top condition.

Pros and cons of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has many advantages. But it is not without its shortcomings. The advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring depend on the type and quality of the product you choose.

Vinyl flooring has many well-known advantages. It is comfortable, resistant to damage and moisture, easy to install and maintain, moderately priced, and comes in a variety of colors and designs. These advantages make vinyl flooring the first choice for many customers, especially those who are sensitive to design and budget. In addition, vinyl flooring is sustainable.

Vinyl flooring has made great progress today, so that we can see them in airports, offices, zoos, hospitals and other places. They have outstanding properties that make them suitable for such diverse facilities. They are excellent in water resistance and are known to save the effects of sound. Of course, their designs are becoming more and more complex.

That being said, if the vinyl floor is glued, it may be difficult to remove, it may dent and damage the heavy objects on it. It can even pierce very sharp objects.

Another disadvantage of vinyl flooring is that it is not very resistant to high temperatures, and may even fade and fade under excessive ultraviolet radiation. For these reasons, it is not recommended to use vinyl in rooms with too much light, such as balconies.

How do you make vinyl flooring shine?

Vinyl flooring comes in many colors, patterns and textures. This means that you can find ground wax that perfectly matches your preferences. You can also look for a brighter look by choosing a vinyl floor with high gloss wax. Keeping them shiny is just a matter of keeping them clean, dusty and dust-free. Unlike other types of flooring, there is no product specifically designed to make vinyl flooring shine. Instead, following basic cleaning procedures will ensure that your vinyl floor looks as good as it was laid.

How to remove stains on vinyl floors

Compared with other floors, vinyl flooring is also very simple to clean stains. Stains can be treated by spot cleaning with nylon pads and neutral detergent. Here are some tips:

Grease, vinegar, or lemon stains should be removed immediately, as they can cause discoloration of the vinyl floor. A mixture of hot water and neutral detergent is sufficient to remove them.

By applying diluted alcohol directly to the stain for a few minutes and then rinsing it with water, ink or blood stains can be removed.

Pen and marker stains can be cleaned by dipping a cloth with white essential oil and rinsing it with water.

You can use an anti-rust sponge to remove the rust.

Other cleaning and maintenance tips:

Place protective pads under heavy furniture, chairs, and table legs to protect vinyl floors.

Objects with rubber soles can cause stains. Avoid them.

Use door mats at the entrance to prevent dust or dirt from entering the interior and make cleaning easier.

Clean the floor with natural or neutral detergent.

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