Heat tracing self-regulating heating cable for pipe heating and frost protection

05 Jan.,2023


electrical heat tracing calculation

A universal self-regulating heating cable can be used in versatile fields of application. This heating cable automatically adjusts its heat output to the change of the ambient temperature. You can use any cable length without changing the properties with no risk of overheating, even with a cable crossing. Of course, there is the possibility for a connection to a frost protection thermostat. The heating cable is very durable. This cable has no UV resistive outer shell and it cannot be used for gutter heating. A tube with a heating tape should be insulated with thermal insulation.


  • Pipes outdoors and near surface installed pipes;

  • Pipes in buildings and parking garages;

  • Warming of sewage pipes in kitchens to prevent hardening of fat deposits;

  • Heating of pipes for technological processes;

  • Warming of the root zone in greenhouse and early bed.





Operating voltage



Class of protection outer jacket


Nominal power at 10 ° C


Maximum length


Minimum bend radius of


Minimum installation temperature


Maximum operating temperature


Effective range

-45°C … +65°C

Operating life

20 Jahre

Start current coefficient


Measure approximately

6x11 mm










1st Variant

We provide self-regulating heating cable in the length ordered with a connection kit. The heating cable is quickly and easily connected to a mains cable using a terminal set. You can find Ölflex cable for outside areas in our offer. If required, you can also find a freeze protection thermostat in our delivery program.





Connection Set

Butt connector

3 St.

Shrink tubing 2/1 mm, L = 37mm

1 St.

Shrink tubing adhesive 12/4 mm, L = 77mm

1 St.

Shrink tubing adhesive 18/6 mm, L = 144mm

1 St.

Shrink end cap with sealing compound

1 St.




2nd Variant

The self-regulating heating cable is supplied pre-assembled with an integrated mains plug on 2m cable. The heater is instantly ready to use!



Please contact us if you need a different version. Our employees, with many years of experience in calculations of heating cable required for plastic or metal pipes for all applications, will be happy to advise you.