Building An Online Auto Parts Store: An Overview of Essential Features

24 Oct.,2022


Automotive Clutch Parts

The Essential Factors Involved in the Creation of E-commerce Website for Auto Parts

I. Backend

This is where plenty of the actual building happens as backend development involves writing the code that basically serves as the bricks that will determine your automotive ecommerce websites or web application’s structure. The following are the usual factors that fall under the backend umbrella of developing an online auto parts store as they are directly related to your website’s database.

For this, we usually rely on content management systems like WordPress, Magento, etc, but we can also build it from scratch or make it more attuned to your specific requirements. An online store needs to have a sturdy and efficient database architecture characterized by the following details:

A.) Product and Customer Details

Any app or web app with commerce in mind needs to have a complete database that compiles all the present and future details of products and customers. Normally, every product (whether they’re tires, bumpers, hubcaps, suspension parts, spare parts ecommerce, etc.) will be included in the database, and any future inclusions can be done from the front-end side.

We will be building dedicated modules that would provide an overview of each product based brand or make. In turn, every product would be expounded on through its own module, which would include high-definition pictures and videos of it, technical information, a brief description of its features, Q&A, etc.

Along with this, we will also be including separate fields for when the customer needs to input his or her zip code to calculate shipping cost quickly or when searching for specific products or answers in the Q&A.

And all customers you have transacted with will be taken into account. That said, you only need to provide us a comprehensive list of all your present products, and we will take it from there.

B.) Price and Discount Details

Pricing and discounts are no different from relaying product details. We understand that they are subject to change so we will build a database that will aid you in immediately letting users know of the current prices and discounts you are offering.

We understand that you offer different types of discounts at the same time. For this, we will be able to construct split sections that would be intended for product-based discounts and order-based discounts (especially if you are currently offering coupons and OTP).

Using the dynamic modular development in the auto parts warehouse website we have mastered, we will make the product page update in real-time and display the discounted price for the customer’s ready reference. This kind of price and discount module setup saves time for the customer and definitely aids in boosting conversions.

C.) Orders/Import History and Shipping Details

With a dynamic database in our custom website development, you will be able to smoothly keep a record of all orders and imports done by users and also provide precise shipping information. These will and should be made accessible to the user for ready reference.

Below is an overview of how we usually render the details of different types of shipping methods:

  • Fast Shipping – We can efficiently customize this according to ZIP code.
  • Free Shipping – We can use certain customized price modules to immediately set the information that a product is available for free shipping next to the total price displayed on the product page.
  • International Shipping
  • Tax Details – The required tax information will automatically be set and shared according to the state the customer is from.

D.) Securing Credit Card and Password Details

Backend developers’ roles extend to encrypting sensitive information like credit card details and passwords. Oftentimes, we do this through the standard way of hashing the said data.

II. Auto Parts Store Website

The automotive parts ecommerce website is what greets your customers and gives them the information fetched in the backend, so you have to make it as presentable and detailed as possible.

A.) Parts Categorized Based on Model Name, Make, and Year Manufactured

This provides an overview of each product you sell. Each one can be displayed with its name, make, and year. We can design the website in such a way that the user can refine his search based on the said categories so that he can get to the specific product he wants quicker. Anything less would automatically lead to a poor user experience, which is often the root cause of visitors’ departure.

We’ll always lean toward making the entire website SEO-centric and user-friendly by implementing an optimized URL structure and CRO-based structure along with a sticky section.
Sticky elements, as long as they contain tools customers need, almost always give an immense boost to UX. We can design the website with the help of the best E-commerce website development company in such a way that the user will always be able to search for a specific part based on year, model, and make, for example, regardless of where he is on the website.

By the same token, we’ll be using our digital marketing team to help improve your website’s URL structure to make it ideal for search engines. This shall be complemented by the conversion rate optimization (CRO) structure strategies we have used to great effect with our past clients.

B.) Merchandise Banner and Discount Banner

Visual banners that either display featured products or discounts can immediately catch the attention of visitors, so we advise that you make good use of them. You don’t need to be wordy when it comes to this. Oftentimes, being direct with your message works best.

C.) Customer Support

We’ll use a nifty customer support automation module in automobile e-commerce india to take care of all your customer service needs. This guarantees 24/7 support without relying on human agents.