Friday, 8 July 2016

Twitter is dead. Long live Snapchat?

Steven Bartlett, co-founder of Social Chain, looks at Snapchats growing popularity over Twitter for PR Week. Follow PR Week on Twitter: @PRWeekAsia 

When Twitter was launched in 2006, text on the net was the next Big Thing. Its quick and instantaneous 140-character limit enabled fast-track access to a wide variety of information.

Twitter tapped into the way the modern generation likes to consume media; that is, if we can't comprehend what it is within a few seconds, it’s likely we won't read any further to reach discovery.

But 10 years on, things are a lot more visual.

Most millennials would rather watch a video about any given subject than read about it.

As an industry leader, Facebook’s research has proven that we prefer this kind of content, adapting accordingly by displaying algorithmically prioritised videos within timelines.

But Facebook isn’t the commander of video content. Snapchat taps into the same philosophy as Twitter, remaining entirely visual.

Snapchat beams micro-snippets of video from our personal friends and admired celebrities into the palm of our hands.

These intimate and informal snapshots provide us with a real insight and ‘behind the scenes’ content, and when it comes to marketing it’s an ultra powerful tool, allowing brands to reach a mass audience on a granular level.

Snapchat has given brands the opportunity to engage in authentic and real-time conversations with consumers, moving away from traditional and formal advertising.

Twitter's timeline has largely stayed the same, and its slow decline may be an indication that its modern audience prefers to consume information in new ways to which Twitter hasn't adapted.

And as it’s just been announced that Snapchat has overtaken Twitter in daily usage, soaring ahead with 150 million people each day snapping their lives, Twitter should probably get a move on.

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