Friday, 24 June 2016

3 Tips For Working With Bloggers

Brooke Boriack from Red Fan Communications shares her 3 tips for working with bloggers with PR Daily. Follow PR Daily on Twitter: @PRDaily 

Blogger relations is becoming an increasingly important service under the umbrella of PR.

Working with bloggers can boost your brand’s visibility on social media and in online niches. Consider blogger relations the latest addition to your next integrated communications campaign.

Here are a few tips about how to maximize your blogger relationships:

1. Do your homework .

Conduct background research when crafting your next blogger outreach list or when seeking a new blogger to contact about an upcoming event.

Unfortunately, many in the blogosphere have blogs solely to get free swag, trips, meals, etc. Make sure you’re not wasting time with a blogger who isn’t credible or who rarely posts timely content.

Don’t judge a blogger’s reach based on the number of followers. Consider bloggers who don’t have thousands of website views per month. Approach each new relationship with care. Who knows what connections you might make?

2. Get to know them .

Similarly to how you’d get acquainted with a journalist before pitching, take the same consideration and get to know your bloggers—especially if you’re working with them locally.

Bloggers use their websites to share information about their lives—from what their kids like to do after school to the kind of shampoo they use. That info is important. Take time to browse their content and social media accounts to get a feel for their personalities.

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Connecting with them on a personal level will strengthen your business relationship.

3. Blogs are brands, too.

Many successful bloggers have quit their daily jobs to blog full-time. As many are building their reputations and personal brands, don’t be offended if they don’t post about every event you pitch.

They are brand managers, too, and they must make smart business decisions when it comes to what they post.

Having an influential blogger at your next event can help your brand’s image even if they don’t immediately write about it. Many will post about you down the road when they can tie your efforts into something more timely for their content schedule.

Brooke Boriack is an account executive at Red Fan Communications, a full-service public relations agency in Austin, Texas. A version of this article first appeared on Red Fan’s blog.

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