Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tips For Creating Brand Ambassadors

Kevin Allen from PR Daily has put together some hot tips for creating brand ambassadors. Follow PR Daily on Twitter: @PRDaily

It’s one thing to get a like, share or positive comment on a branded social media post is certainly commendable, but what brands should really be striving for is to create brand ambassadors.

What is a brand ambassador? Think of them as your super fans who help create other super fans. 

Marketing firm Sideqik explains:
In simple terms, a brand ambassador is exactly what you are looking for. A brand ambassador is a loyal customer, partner or employee who promotes your products, services and activities publicly. They will associate with or embody your corporate brand identity publicly and encourage others to use or like your brand. 

Now comes the hard part: How do you create a brand ambassador? The Sideqik team put together an infographic to explain how to capture and cultivate that elusive brand ambassador.

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