Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Instafame: Using Instagram to leverage your PR

The notion of Instacelebrity and how PRs can work with these influencers is discussed by Social Diary member Alistair Jedlin from Agent99 Public Relations.
There is an analogy floating around at the moment that being famous on Instagram is like being rich in monopoly. But how true it this? Everyday there are stories about how people have used instagram as a means to launch their career. Is this the new PR goldmine?

Over the past few years Instagram has given rise to the idea that anyone can be famous and increased the notion that we all have our own personal “brand”. As a generation, it has made us more image conscious than ever, as “regular” people now have accounts with millions of followers. But what does this mean for PR? Other than that we have to grovel even more! 

Unlike Facebook, where you have a personal relationship with your connections, Instagram is the opposite. Anyone is able to follow not only you, but your favourite food, hang out locations and friends. The instafamous curate their pages to project their ideal image.

For Public Relations, this has resulted in a whole other medium where we can market to people and directly to the intended audience. More than any other outlet, people have to opt in, or indeed are able unsubscribe from unwanted content with the click of button.
On Instagram there is every interest for every demographic.

Looking to market to young fashion conscious men in Australia? Look no further than @isnathan.

Or what about all things mum? Try @hippielane .

Or love a pointless selfie? Then have a look at @kurtcoleman’s page. Kurt has become so famous that the Social Diary, Sydney’s ultimate guide for all things communications, flew him down to their annual party to take selfies all night long.

Like anything, in the few years since its launch in December 2010, Instagram has been monetised, with instacelebrities such as Indy Clinton, asking up to $750 dollars a post. Many of these instafamous people have more followers than actual celebrities, with @tashoakley having more followers than Kylie Minogue. Yes, you read that correctly, some “normal” girl from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney has more followers one of our biggest celebrities. Maybe Tash should be the judge on The Voice next season?

Recently, our client Buderim Ginger, used this strategy to market their new Ginger Beer to a younger demographic. Here, they sent product to a variety of Instagram influencers. The influencers then posted their own photo featuring the Buderim Ginger product. Each of the influencers added their own creative flair to the picture, resulting in some amazing photos (see cover photo by @dalenapier).

The idea behind this is obvious, it is targeted marketing to your desired demographic.
Instagram is no fool and are well aware of this phenomenon, having hired journalists to bolster their media unit. The aim of this is to work out how they can profit from instacelebrities benefiting from their platform.

With Instagram increasing its users to over 300 million last year, it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. This is good news for PRs as it provides another space for us to promote our brands.
So the question is, will you follow me at @ajedlin. :)

Agent Alistair

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