Friday, 22 November 2013


There's a new social media App that has just launched that I think has the potential to be a very powerful new tool for publicists and agents. HeyLets is all about finding and sharing experiences, activities and events using tweet length posts and a photo. There are 50 nominee positions in each of the Australian capital cities, which means they will be followed by every new signup. Read on for more details...

What makes it different from Instagram and Twitter is that in addition to location being recorded, each HeyLets post is also tagged with a category and demographic information about the person that posted it. This means that HeyLets can push highly relevant experience recommendations to users without them having to do anything at all. There's no searching and no hashtags. The perfect target audience is literally presented to you on a platter.

HeyLets posts that are 'liked' (or 'wishlisted' to use the HeyLets term) have more exposure. Anyone that is looking for significant additional exposure need only share their HeyLets content with their existing social media followers in order to reach a much broader audience. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor on what is shaping up to be the next Pinterest.

Although HeyLets is headquartered in Silicon Valley, it was launched first in Australia ahead of a global release in January. I was speaking recently with one of the founders, Sydney based Dean Kelly. Dean is offering Social Diary members the opportunity for all new HeyLets signups to automatically follow any celebrity or expert you nominate, giving them direct exposure to a very fast growing group of early adopters and opinion leaders.

All you need to do is ensure your nominee downloads HeyLets from the App Store (iPhone and iPad only for the moment). Once they've done that, just email Dean on and that's it. As long as your nominee posts at least once a week all new signups in your nominee's city will automatically follow them.

There are 50 nominee positions in each of the Australian capital cities, and nominations will be accepted on a first in best dressed basis.
If you have any questions please contact Dean directly.

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