Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What is Celebrity Brokering?

Social Diary recently entered into a sponsorship arrangement with Waterfront, one of Australia's leading celebrity sourcing agencies working with big brands, big stars and PRs. It occurred to me that many PRs may not know the benefits of using a celebrity specialist, so I had a chat with Director Sean Pickwell about the nuts & bolts of it all.

Copyright Issues in the PR Industry

Did you know that posting unapproved clippings on your website is an offense? And that every time you email a client a scanned article or include it in a monthly report you are committing copyright infringement and could be fined heavily for doing it?

A number of Social Diary members have contacted me recently regarding some rather scary letters they've received demanding the removal of editorial clippings from their website. Apparently you are not even given the opportunity to take the material down, but hit with a whopping fine backdated copyright infringement fee on the spot (which is likely to be in the thousands). As this affects the majority of PR people who routinely post articles achieved in the press on their company sites, I've tried to work my way through the confusion that seems to cloud the issue. Read on if this alarms you...