Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How Old-School PR Are You?

I cacked when I read this post from PR Daily, and identified with Every. Single. One. (Except of course in Australia we had the trusty ol' Margaret Gee's Media Guide, not Bacon's.)

I remember being a wee PR lass back at Colvin Communications in the 90s, sitting by the fax machine for 2 DAYS STRAIGHT at a time...popping in the media release (and the cover letter, remember those?), dialing in the number, then waiting patiently for it to whrrrrr through the machine. Once it popped out, the process was nausuem, the lists just never seemed to end.

Yup, these were even the days before FaxStream where you could pre-load a series of numbers and then walk away. Now THAT was technology in the eyes of long-suffering PR assistants.

I actually have rather fond memories of press-kit stuffing, or 'sheltered workshops' as we used to call them, because they usually involved treats in the boardroom and sometimes wine to make it less painful. Attaching business cards into those little slots in shiny paper folders, securing trannies  (no not drag queens, transparencies - the equivalent of a jpeg if you're a Gen Y) and mountains of floppy disks.

We wore our paper cuts like badges of honour, proof that we had been in the trenches and had given it our all. Perhaps we thought if the media couldn't see our sweat & tears at least they'd see our blood, and reward us with a clipping...

How old-school are you?

10 signs you're an old-school PR pro
Source: PR Daily

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  1. Ha! I SO remember those days...
    And all the endless printing and copying of releases, backgrounders and so on...