Wednesday, 14 March 2012

StyleRocks: DIY Jewellery

My clever friend Pascale Helyar-Moray launched her business today, a first-in-Australia website where you can design your own jewellery at an affordable price. She presented her concept to me last year and I was very impressed, so when she asked me to be an Ambassador I was duly chuffed...but declined. At first.

I told Pascale I wouldn't make a very good Ambassador for jewellery because it's always been a bit of a headache for me. Despite being named after the most famous jewellery store in the world, I have just never felt an affinity with bling. To top off my glistening moniker, my middle name is Jewel - a family name - I kid you not.

I first visited Tiffany's in NY at age 19, and when my parents offered to buy me something I chose the Tiffany perfume and a book titled 'Tiffany's Table Manners For Teens' because I loved how retro it was. I know, I know, ridiculous. The reason? I can't wear anything on my hands as it annoys me, so that counts out rings, bracelets and watches (I've always said any man in my life should count himself lucky he doesn't have to buy me diamonds). I also don't wear anything north of my neck after a piercing trauma at age 8 left me with Elephantitis of the lobes - thankfully temporary, but a life-long aversion to pierced ears remains.

So - the only jewellery I ever revel in wearing is a single statement necklace. The current ones on rotation are a Tiffany's key I bought myself in NY in 2009 (people ask me if it's the key to my heart, I say it's to my naughty drawer) and a Pink LouLou dog on a chain because it looks exactly like Fang. He poses for charms in his spare time.

Upon hearing my jewellery-fearing confession, Pascale disagreed completely. If a fussy jewellery wearer such as I were to design EXACTLY what I wanted, then how perfect would that be? The penny dropped and I totally agreed. I excitedly went online and set about choosing my piece, and despite the variety of necklace options it instantly came to me: a ring I wear around my neck, not on my finger. How very Carrie when she wore Aidan's engagement ring on a chain so it could be 'closer to her heart'. (Translation: I don't want to marry you.)
StyleRocks Love Ring
My choice: A Rose Gold Love Ring on a 55cm Rose Gold chain. I adore it and it's exactly enough bling for me. I will still admire girls who can handle sparkling from every appendage, but there's always sequins for that...and my closet is full of them.
Click StyleRocks now for your very own custom-made treasure. You can pick the size, width, stones of rings, the length of chains and the bedazzle on your earrings.
Ladies, frost yourselves!
My beautiful StyleRocks Love Ring Necklace
x Tiffany Mai Jewel Farrington

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  1. Gorgeous!! That's an absolutely brilliant idea for a necklace. I'm in love with my stylerocks necklace too. <3