Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

The first time I played around on Pinterest I came across a very cool Scrabble artwork that inspired me, and am pleased to report I actually got off my arse and made it.
My parents are competition Scrabble players ranked in the top 100 in Australia, so with their upcoming 40th Anniversary I figured it was perfect.
The Pinterest piece
My sister Fleur & I always give them a joint gift so we deftly added the 'we', our signatures & date, with a little red Swarovski heart charm above to signify the traditional 40th Anniversary gift of Ruby (couldn't afford a real one, sorry Mum & Dad)
Our piece

I presented it to them yesterday as they were leaving for Europe (Dad is whisking Mum off to Paris to celebrate the occasion on March 18th, so romantic) and they got all teary. Gotta love it when a gift does that. Thanks Pinterest stranger for the idea! Now what the hell to do with all the leftover Scrabble pieces? Maybe these...*hic* bottoms up!
Scrabble coasters

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