Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Blankety Blancs

I was fortunate enough to experience the very first Diner en Blanc event in Sydney on the weekend, a Parisian ‘flash mob dining experience’ which has been going for 20+ years and is now enjoyed in cities all over the world. I braved tight white clothing, a scavenger hunt to collect every blanc de blanc item I needed, and…The Rules.

You gotta love the ballsiness of an organiser that threatens to ban you from all events globally if you dare not show up: 
"Those having transgressed the rules or desisted at the last moment, deterred by ominous clouds, will not be re-invited to the following editions. Their name and email will be put on a black list, prohibiting them from registering for future editions." ...Put the fear of God into guests like that and even Hurricane Sandy couldn’t have kept Dan & I away.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Re-post: 9 Things Never To Say To Your Boss

I stumbled upon a blog post I liked so much I've decided to re-post it in its entirety here. I absolutely agree with all points... except No.9. I'm more than happy for my staff to say that... ;)

Post by Megan Malugani, Monster Contributing Writer, and Charles Purdy, Monster Senior Editor, Sourced via Bill Stoller @PublicityMonster

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How To Seat A Dinner Party (Mother Knows Best)

Don't you hate it when you're seated next to a bore at a dinner party? Well, here's how to avoid doing it to others via a tip my mother gave me years ago, which was brutally honest to say the least. She is widely considered to be a doyenne of the dinner party, (no one has ever declined an invitation), so far be it from me to knock back her sage advice. 

Friday, 23 March 2012

The Blocks and The Night I Kissed Ron Jeremy.

Pop-ups still appeal to me. We've had pop-up bars, pop-up restaurants, pop-up shops. Poppity pop pop. Go pop yourself. If I had a shrink he would probably say they appeal to my relentless desire for the wacky and my inability to commit (ask any ex-boyfriend). No-one will ever be able to put a ring on my finger but by dang I'll dance a jig for as long as you can hold my attention.

Last night a friend and I visited The Blocks, a 3 week pop-up by Penfold's showcasing their wines in an artistic, kooky, break-it-down kinda way. A pop-up hasn't captivated me quite like this since Joost last year. I miss it.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

6 Ways To Shut Your Guests Up

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a blog titled Shut The Fick Up after attending an event where people rudely chattered loudly through the speeches. I've been to hundreds of events since, but just recently to one where the volume of the crowd was so loud I felt extremely sorry for the speakers who tried to battle through. In respect to the publicist I won't mention which event (even the guest of honour, an international celebrity, tried to shoosh the crowd. Several times.) But to put a positive spin on it, I've come up with a list of 6 ways to get your guests to...shut the fick up. In a nice way of course.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

StyleRocks: DIY Jewellery

My clever friend Pascale Helyar-Moray launched her business today, a first-in-Australia website where you can design your own jewellery at an affordable price. She presented her concept to me last year and I was very impressed, so when she asked me to be an Ambassador I was duly chuffed...but declined. At first.

Pinterest Inspiration

The first time I played around on Pinterest I came across a very cool Scrabble artwork that inspired me, and am pleased to report I actually got off my arse and made it.
My parents are competition Scrabble players ranked in the top 100 in Australia, so with their upcoming 40th Anniversary I figured it was perfect.
The Pinterest piece
My sister Fleur & I always give them a joint gift so we deftly added the 'we', our signatures & date, with a little red Swarovski heart charm above to signify the traditional 40th Anniversary gift of Ruby (couldn't afford a real one, sorry Mum & Dad)
Our piece

I presented it to them yesterday as they were leaving for Europe (Dad is whisking Mum off to Paris to celebrate the occasion on March 18th, so romantic) and they got all teary. Gotta love it when a gift does that. Thanks Pinterest stranger for the idea! Now what the hell to do with all the leftover Scrabble pieces? Maybe these...*hic* bottoms up!
Scrabble coasters

Thursday, 8 March 2012

30 Bars in 1 Day!

Yesterday a brave group us of ventured to an eclectic mix of 30 Sydney bars to promote Parched March, an initiative of bar-loving dog-defender Amy Cooper to raise funds for The Animal Welfare League. A cheeky opposition to the FebFast, DryJuly and Ocsober abstinence mantras, it aims to celebrate our vibrant bar culture by challenging punters to visit 30 bars in 30 days.

To show just how easy that is, we took it upon ourselves to visit 30 bars in a single day. Our mission went from midday to midnight spanning Bondi to Manly and everywhere in between (thanks to a driver all day, water taxis, ferries and cabbies). Each venue provided 2 Parched March cocktails which we shared as a group (c'mon we are crazy but not insane), and the average visit was 15 minutes. Yes, I am writing this from the couch. In ugg boots.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CV Tips for Budding PRs

After 15 years in this biz I've read literally thousands of CVs. And admittedly, chucked a fair few straight in the bin after the first paragraph. Last week Juliet of Girl PR gave a job to a lass who produced a very creative online video, tailored specifically to what Juliet was looking for in this job ad. She literally hired her instantly...without even meeting. Click here for the CV and then click 'Read More' below for some general tips.