Tuesday, 6 December 2011

5 Tips For Fab Goodie Bags

I've written about the illustrious goodie bag before in my blog post 'To Gift Or Not To Gift?' Now here's 5 simple tips to help you pull some impressive loot together for your lucky guests.

1. Post a Product Call on the Social Diary Network & Newsletter
Social Diary members who have product to sample scour the Product Calls on the Network (up instantly) and the Newsletter (out every Friday) to choose what events they offer their product to. Be detailed in your Product Call and specify exactly the sort of items you're looking for, and who your event is attracting to increase your chances. Product Calls should be posted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your event, the longer lead time the better.
Hot tip: Every week on the newsletter members offer product, so if you keep a running record of these you can contact them directly for your next batch of bags.

2. Target brands who have recently launched
If you go to a lot of events, suddenly you'll see the same bag of chips or lip gloss popping up in bags at the same time. New product launches often involve major sampling activity, particularly FMCG's such as drinks, museli bars and shampoos.
Hot tip: When you're grocery shopping or watching TV take note of the new products on the market - you're more likely to have luck with these.

3. Use Social Diary Brand Search to find contacts
Social Diary Brand Search allows you to find contacts via brand name, category or alphabetically. One of my fave things in goodie bags is munchies (great for those tipsy cab rides home) so if you're wanting some, just click Category: Food (Product), hit Search, and up will pop a list of all SD members food clients and their contact details. Easy!
Hot tip: If a contact isn't in Brand Search just email us and we'll source the contact for you. We're nice like that.

4. Source the right bag
The bag itself can often be sourced from sponsors, saving you money. The Social Diary party bags have been given to us regularly by the fab folk at Instant Rockstar and Peep Toe Shoes, and we particularly loved our most recent bags from Sydney Seafood School which are also handy cooler bags!
Hot tip: If you've only got a few products, don't get a huge bag as it will look empty.

5. Quality vs Quantity
We all know the best goodie bags are jam-packed with a myriad of things but don't overlook the power of a single full-size product. This can often come from the client themselves, such as a full bottle if you're launching a perfume, or as Sunglass Hut gave at their recent event, a $200 voucher for every guest. Maddy is now rocking a fab new pair of Ray-Ban Aviators thanks to her awesome boss.
Hot tip: My opinion is you need at least 4 items to start creating a goodie bag, so if you can't get the quantities you want, consider a special single item.

And once you've got all your goodies? It's Sheltered Workshop time...and for that I recommend many hands, a Sex & The City marathon and lots of wine. Happy stuffing!

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