Friday, 9 December 2011

YOU...Are A Bag Of Douche

I always try to remember the saying never put into writing what you don't want projected up on a courtroom wall...or in this case, sent virally around the world. Much like what happened to poor Claire Swires ...yum.

Read on for 1,600 words of steaming douche-iness that an investment banker sent to a girl he went on one date with, who never returned his calls or texts.
In her words, the date was "horrific".

Deranged, stalkerish, comically douchey. Why can't I meet a guy like this? Girls, be careful how much you twirl your hair.

My Dog Can Talk, Apparently

I read the Mama Mia post: "My Dog Knows I Don't Love Him" today and laughed OUT LOUD. So random and so funny. Fang definitely knows I love him (OBSESSED), but I confess: I too went to a dog psychic.

About a year ago I was concerned about a couple of Fang's behaviours (being scared to eat out of a bowl & yapping with every knock on the door) so sought the advice of a trainer, as well as a pet psychic who a Social Diary member put me on to. Like the psychic in the MM story, she too was an experienced vet who had moved into the field of animal communication. Who even knew there was a field? As she was based in Victoria, she asked me to email a couple of pics of Fang and she'd do a phone reading - for around $60. I figured if it wasn't helpful it would at least be hilarious. But I wasn't ready for what she told me...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

PR F@#$ Up Files

So this certainly got my attention: "THE head of a PR company responsible for mailing - and killing - more than 50 goldfish in a stunt gone wrong has apologised for the incident"

The Agency chief's response to ABC Radio Adelaide: “In hindsight we would probably not do this again.”

No shit Sherlock. As an animal lover I cannot fathom why posting fish sounded like a good idea - at least the folk at The Animal Welfare League and RSPCA have benefited.

Click here for the article - A fine addition to the PR F@#$ Up Files.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

5 Tips For Fab Goodie Bags

I've written about the illustrious goodie bag before in my blog post 'To Gift Or Not To Gift?' Now here's 5 simple tips to help you pull some impressive loot together for your lucky guests.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

How To Get Celebrities To Your Event

I get asked this question a lot, in fact just last night a magazine girl said - 'Help, we have a charity event next week and desperately need some celebs!' Hence, this blog. Firstly, why do we need them? Quite simply, to add sparkle to the brand and to get media & photogs there. So that's why - but how? If you're the client it's about engaging a really connected PR agency of course, but what if you're starting out in PR and just not that connected yet? Here's a few tips.