Friday, 8 July 2011

Where To Find Great Staff

"HELP - where the hell can I find good staff??" is a cry I hear on a weekly basis from Social Diary members. And it's been like this for years. There are consistently more great jobs going than there are great staff looking - but on the upside this is yet more evidence that the PR Industry is booming.

While Social Diary would be an ideal place to source staff, it is in fact a conflict of interest for me to run job ads on our weekly newsletter. If a gal working at Company X saw an ad for a job at Company Y she could jump ship - and I don't want to 'steal from Peter to give to Paul'. So, I help people on the side and only source potential employees who are not currently employed or are between jobs. I must say I do absolutely love helping people a job and in turn helping my members find fab staff. There are a handful of member companies where I have literally supplied all of their staff - and nothing makes me happier. I've always been a bit of a matchmaker and this satisfies my Patti Stanger leanings, although on a less Cupid-esque level.

And now, I find myself in the same conundrum - I am currently searching for a new Social Diary Coordinator to replace my gorgeous Jessie who I am promoting up. Faced with this seemingly impossible mission, here are my thoughts on some resources which could make your own search a little easier.
Pedestrian has a FREE job listing service for people in creative industries, and I tried this out for the first time this week. Since listing on Wednesday I've received 30 applications - all quality. In fact, they are all predominatly OVER qualified, as I'm looking for a straight-out-of-uni junior burger. You think this would be easy but clearly it's not! However, I highly recommend the site for industry savvy staff.

FBI Fashion College
I've hired several FBI College graduates over the years and have had scores of them as interns, it's always a fabulous resource. Alas, they are on holidays until August 1st and I need someone NOW! Buzz them on 02 9566 2020 they are amazing.

I've tweeted my job search twice and have received 10 applications, so it's a super easy way to get the word out. I just updated my status on FB last night (which made me realise how many months it had been since I had, I'm a Twitterholic now - sorry Mark Zuckerberg) and have had a few bites so far.

Mumbrella, of which I am a huge fan, also have a free jobs listing service. Alas, I haven't received any applications since posting it here 3 days ago, however given that PR starts with a "P" it is waaaay down the list of predominantly advertising industry jobs. They do however have a premium job listing service for $120 so methinks I'm going to give that a shot and see how I go - Mumbrella has a huge audience so I have faith.
...GROAN. Ok so while I have in fact found staff before via advertising on Seek, it takes a hell of alot of trawling through mountains of CVs from the most diverse range of folk. Even when I've stated in my advertisement, in capitals, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU HAVE A COMMUNICATIONS DEGREE & 2 YRS PR EXPERIENCE, I have received applications from people overseas who don't speak English, people from completely unrelated fields and even an application from a 54 year old truck driver who felt he would be perfect for the job. However, one must explore all channels in the search for your next star employee.

Work Experience
My last word on this is, the more work experience poppets you hire the more likely you are to find 'the one'. Who wants to wade through a mountain of CVs when the person you're looking for is right under your nose? They know their way around your office, you've seen them in action, are they ready to step up? Give them a shot. My most adored work experience lasses have always managed to sneak themselves onto my payroll and into my heart, bless their cotton socks.

xxx Tiff

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