Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ian Needs A Hug

My friend Mandi told me about some funny exchanges with her grumble-bum neighbour Ian last week, who could perhaps be a little more positive about things.

Mandi: (cheery) "Good Morning Ian!"
Ian: (grumbly) "What are you so happy about?"
Mandi: "You know I'm always happy and it's Sunday morning, beautiful blue's going to be a lovely, sunny day"
Ian: "How do you know that you're not dead and this is hell?"

Um...OK Ian. The following Friday Mandi's husband Dave enjoyed this exchange while riding in the elevator with him:

Dave: "Isn't it great, the working week is over and it's Friday, the weekend is here YAY!
Ian: "No, it's not great - it means it's 2 days closer to Monday."
Dave: *speechless*

If you see Ian, give him a hug.

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